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19 May 2013   -   Ozinvoice Version 2 Arrives
I am happy to announce the publishing of Ozinvoice version 2.  

Contrary to earlier announcements we shall not be proceeding with the paid version in the forseeable future.  Although Ozinvoice started life as a utility for the authors private use, others were allowed to join up and in time many did so. Quite a little community gathered around this humble app and we wish to preserve this and grow in other directions rather than destroy that which made Ozinvoice what it is today.  Consequently, regardless of what we decide to do in the future in terms of paid subscriptions, the original users, or anyone using Ozinvoice at the time we do change the model will effectively enjoy "life membership" and continue to use Ozinvoice and all of its current and future features free of charge.  There needs to be a reward for sticking your neck out and giving us a try in the early days. I think the most valuable users one can be associated with are those adventurers who are early adopters and we shall always appreciate you for that.

My most pressing need right now is to make sure the site delivers what you the users want. Thus, any and all suggestions regarding useability, functionality, add-ons, anything at all right down to colour schemes is all up for discussion. Some have mentioned a news letter, which can definitely be done, opt-in style, others have talked about a simple bill recording facility so that your expenses as well as your income (invoices) can be stored and reported on to your accountant. Generally we won`t add anything unless the desire for it is strong among many of you, since one of the endearing properties of Ozinvoice still seems to be its utter simplicity. In short we shall let you decide.

Thank you all for your loyalty. Campbell Dunstan


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