Oz Invoice Version 2
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About Ozinvoice

There are a lot of very capable invoicing and accounting solutions out there - OzInvoice salutes them all but offers something different - a package you can use immediately with practically zero learning time and 1 minute setup time.    No need to download apps or special add-ons to use it anywhere - on your PC, on your laptop, on your tablet or on your phone.  


  • OzInvoice is not loaded down with group calenders, collaboration tools or complex financial analysis tools, its just an invoicing, quoting and receipt tool that closely approximately what you might have done with the old fashioned invoice-receipt book that lived in the glove box of the ute and it generates simple reports to give to your accountant at tax time.  Thats it!
  • Ozinvoice is free
  • Starting an account is also simple, enter a few essential details about your business that will appear on the invoice such as your email address, your trading or company name then log in. 
  • Edit the banner and wording of the invoice header and footer, set the default GST tax rate (if applicable) and set the preferred label for packing slips.

Feature list

  • Create quotes, invoices and receipts
  • Convert a quote to an invoice or invoice/receipt - and back again. 
  • Print an invoice as a packing slip or delivery manifest (prices not shown)
  • Email an invoice, quote or receipt directly to your client
  • Print a variety of simple reports including payments received, payments outstanding and more.
  • Delete, and UnDelete invoices, quotes or receipts.




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